City of Cortland Mayor Candidacy Announcement

(Press Release)


City of Cortland Common Council member Bruce Tytler (Photo Credits:SUNY Cortland)

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the City of Cortland. I want to move Cortland forward as a vibrant, caring, more equitable community.  A place in which all members of the community feel welcome, safe, and respected.  If elected we will continue to build out a 21st century downtown and devote the resources needed to maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods.  The pandemic may have set us back but now is the time to regain our foothold and build back a stronger, smarter community.


Bruce Tytler was born in Cortland and has lived here for the past 36 years.  He retired as a high school principal after devoting 36 years of his life to public education.  Bruce is a member of the Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Board of Trustees and a member of the Cortland College Council.  Bruce currently represents Cortland’s 3rd Ward on the City Council.  Previously he served two terms on the City Council and one term as Mayor from 1996-2001. He has been married to his wife Carol for 38 years and they have two grown daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandsons.