Cortland County Basketball Players Receive Recognition From Local High School Coaches

The Cortland County Most Valuable Players of the 2020-2021 High School Basketball Season - (In the picture - Marathon (Junior) - Brooke Tillotson (Left); Homer (Senior) - Jarrett Wilbur (Right))


After speaking with both boys and girls high school coaches in Cortland County last week, we decided to come up with a way to honor their players. We knew that there couldn't be an all-star game this year due to the pandemic, and we wanted to include each of the five Cortland County public high schools - Homer, Cortland, Cincinnatus, McGraw, and Marathon.

Marathon girls basketball coach Andrew Pierce came up with the concept of having each coach nominating 3-4 of their players, the Cortland Voice staff compiling the names and statistics, our staff sending the ballots back to the coaches to vote, the coaches sending the ballots back to us, and then.... THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

Before we announce the selections, we want to thank each coach, assistant coach, the parents/guardians, those were willing to watch every stream, athletic director, game day staff, custodial staff, the referees, and every other person who played a role in making this season work.

Next, we wanted every player to have the opportunity to be selected. We kept things fair by asking the coaches to share 3-4 players with us from their team who they felt deserved to be listed on the all-star nomination ballot, and we asked each coach to provide only 2 statistical categories (PPG -Points per Game, RPG - Rebounds per Game, and APG - Assists per Game). The coaches know their players the best, and we left that to them.

Finally, we wish all of the players graduating this year the best. We love covering our local teams and creating relationships with the players, staff, and their families.



Girl's High School Basketball

MVP - Brooke Tillotson (Marathon - Junior) - 26.92 ppg, 9.17 rpg




Brooke Tillotson (Marathon - Junior) - 26.92 ppg, 9.17 rpg

Margaret Starr (Cortland - Junior) - 8.67 ppg, 5.67 rpg

Kirsten Merritt (Cortland - Junior) - 10.83 ppg, 2.67 rpg

Madison Clark (Marathon - Senior) - 9.60 ppg, 6.00 rpg

Karissa Wilbur (McGraw - Senior) - 15.86 ppg, 2.29 rpg


Honorable Mention 

Each player listed received at least one vote as an all-star:

Alexis Stiles (McGraw - Senior) - 8.86 ppg, 3.43 rpg

Adrianna Murphy (Cortland - Senior) - 3.92 ppg, 3.00 rpg

Abby Ensign (Marathon - Eighth Grade) - 7.00 ppg, 5.00 rpg

Note: There was a tie in votes between Marathon's Madison Clark & McGraw's Alexis Stiles. The Cortland Voice staff compared the points and rebounds submitted by each player's coach, and that served as the tie breaker.



Boy's High School Basketball

MVP - Jarrett Wilbur (Homer - Senior) - 16.70 ppg, 11.50 ppg




Jarrett Wilbur (Homer - Senior) - 16.70 ppg, 11.50 ppg

Noah Armstrong (Cortland - Senior) - 17.10 ppg, 2.70 apg

Conor Holland (Marathon - Sophomore) - 20.20 ppg, 5.40 rpg

Scott Schuyler (Cincinnatus - Junior) - 13.10 ppg, 3.00 apg

Caleb Smith (McGraw - Senior) - 18.00 ppg, 10 rpg


Honorable Mention

Each player listed received at least one vote as an all-star:

Cason Stafford (Cincinnatus - Junior) - 12.50 ppg, 4.00 apg