Cortland County High School Sports Game Recaps (March 26th)

Here are some local high school varsity game recaps from Friday’s games (Note: Marathon’s boys soccer March 25th game vs. Southern Cayuga is also included). 

Cincinnatus Varsity Girls Soccer vs. McGraw

Team 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Cincinnatus 0 1 1
McGraw 0 0 0


The Cincinnatus Lady Lions defeated the McGraw Eagles at home with the score of 1-0. 

Kyla Sustad scored the only goal of the game with 12:43 left in the second half.

Cincinnatus ended the game with a total of 24 shots and 4 saves from goalkeeper Mia Stirone. McGraw had 8 shots and 11 saves from goalkeepers Andrea May & Jaiden Cortez. 

Cincinnatus Varsity Boys Soccer vs. McGraw

Team 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Cincinnatus 3 3 6
McGraw 0 1 1


The Cincinnatus Lions defeated McGraw 6-1 on a windy game on the road. 

Cincinnatus started things off well, going into halftime with a 3-0 lead. The Lions went on to extend their lead in the second half of the game to get the win. 

Cincinnatus’ Scott Schuyler ended the game with a hat-trick (3 goals) and 1 assist. Following Schuyler were Cason Stafford (2 goals, 1 assist), Jordan Larrabee (1 goal, 1 assist), Tyler Little (1 assist), Jake Smith (1 assist), and Canden Stafford (1 assist). 

McGraw’s Nate Stiles scored the only goal of the game for the Eagles. 

Cincinnatus had a total of 31 shots and 6 saves from goalkeepers Kooper Vosberg & Toby Delepine in the game. McGraw had 10 shots and 9 saves from Nolan Knickerbocker. 

Marathon Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Southern Cayuga

Team 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Marathon 5 3 8
Southern Cayuga 0 0 0


The Marathon Lady Olympians improved their season record to 3-1 after defeating Southern Cayuga with a score of 8-0. 

Everything seemed to be going the right way for the Olympians, with Brooke Tillotson opening up the score six minutes into the first half off an assist from Madison Clark. Clark would go on to score the next goal to make it 2-0. 

Tillotson went on to score 2 more goals, giving her a hat-trick (3 goals) by halftime. 

The Olympians ended the half with a 5-0 lead, after sophomore Audrey Jasper scored her first varsity career goal with nine minutes remaining. 

“With the windy conditions, I was really pleased with how we passed as a team and we were able to get many players involved,” said Marathon Head Coach Elizabeth Duncan. 

Marathon extended their lead in the second half, scoring 3 additional goals from Samantha Pendell (2 goals) and Paige Hurlburt (1 goal). 

The Olympians ended the game with a total of 35 shots and 5 saves from Kendre Euson, Carissa VanDee, and Brooke Tillotson; while Southern Cayuga had 5 shots and 24 saves from Cennedi McCarthy. 

Extra: Marathon Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Southern Cayuga (Thursday, March 25th)

Team 1st Half 2nd Half Overtime Final
Marathon 0 0 0 0
Southern Cayuga 0 0 1 1


The Marathon boys soccer team lost their first game of the season with the minimum score of 1-0 in overtime.  

It was a close game, and the game remained scoreless at the end of regulation. 

Southern Cayuga was able to capitalize in the first minute of the 10 minute sudden victory overtime to get the win. 

Marathon had a total of 8 shots throughout the game along with 1 save from Trent Ensign; while Southern Cayuga had 4 shots and 6 saves.