Truxton Academy Charter School’s Third Graders Get Published!

Timothy A. Bennett, Owner and Publisher of the Cortland Voice, met with Truxton Academy Charter School students this morning. He went to the school, because Ms. Jennifer Hull’s students “wanted to be published” (words taken straight from the class). They wanted to be published, because a few of the students in the class placed 1st in the “Top Cut Beef Contest” and they were featured in an article on our website ( The students wrote to us writing on two things – who they are and what they mean to their communities. Enjoy!!

Publishings from Ms. Hull’s 3rd graders:

The Music

By Aria Haedicke

Hi my name is Aria. And  I’m a student at Truxton Academy Charter School and I’m in third grade. I’m going to write about music. 

I love music. Music is my life. Music helps people.  I like to sing and dance to music and I want to be a singer when I grow up.

My favorite song is “Forever” by the Johnson Fam. I shared it with Kaylin and Amira Claire and Kylin and they liked it too. I think music is good for people because you can sing and dance and get entertained in a good way. It can make you happy when you are sad. You can party with your friends with music. Once I start listening to music, I can’t stop. 

I listen to music all the time at night and day and morning. When I’m at school I listen to “Forever” with my friend Kaylin. At home I listen to it by myself.  Music helps people.  Music can   make you happy and get all your anger out. 


Xavier Dugger 

Article about me

Who is Xavier? How do I help? 

My name is Xavier. I like helping people by being a mentor and role model for younger children. Helping kids makes me happy. 

At school, I help  a kindergartener named Wesley. My job is to help him write words and do his letter work. I help him by spelling out his words. He is getting really good at reading.  

In my family, I have six cousins. Five are  younger than me and one is a couple months older. When  they are sad I help them feel better by rubbing their backs. I  help the  younger  ones  pick  up. I  play  with my cousins so grown ups can talk to each other. I like to help little kids. I like to play with kids and I want to make the kids smile.

In soccer, I help kids while we play. I pass, shoot goals, and defend. We all help each other.

I like to help by playing with people and cheering them up.


Who is Lennox?

By Lennox

Hi my name is Lennox. I am a third grader. I like to fix cars with my uncle. My uncle is a mechanic. He has a car shop named Eastman Auto. I like to take tires off cars. First I put the car on a lift then unscrew the bolts with a socket wrench. Then I take  the tires of the hub. Then I change the tires and put them on the car.  My uncle can stud tires and put new tires on the car after I remove them. 

I like to do burnouts on my uncle’s Roadrunner and we go to car shows. He likes old cars and I like old cars too . He has a Roadrunner and a 1973 Dodge Charger. I have 4 family members. And I also like to do archery. When I do archery I have a lot of fun. I am sort of good at archery. I will keep practicing and get better at archery.


Mr. Cheese

By Chantalise

Hi my name is Chantalise. I play soccer. It is fun. I have 9 family members. My favorite stuffed animal is a pooh bear. He is so cuddly. I sleep with him every night. I can’t sleep without him. I live in an apartment but soon we are going to move into a home. We are moving in August and that is my birthday month. I like to say my name is Mr Cheese because I like Among Us. I like to help people by doing chores and playing with them. I help my friends and brother by playing with them so they are not lonely. 

I have a brother who is annoying but i still like to play with him. My brother and I put on puppet  shows. Sometimes I push my brother on the swing. 

I help my friends by wearing my mask and I help my friends by keeping them company so they are not lonely. I like to play games with my friends.

 I help my mommy with chores. I clean my room and do the dishes and I help mommy with the laundry sometimes.

When I grow up I want to work at the chicken nugget center at McDonald’s.



By Kaylin CIrbus

Hi, my name is Kaylin. I am a student at Truxton Academy Charter School.I am in 3rdgrade. I have 5 in my family. Do you like swimming? I swim in lakes, ponds, oceans, and pools. My sisters named Shawna and Corinne like to swim too. Sometimes it can be cold. Sometimes it can be warm.

Good swimmers start in the deep end. When I started swimming, I swam in the shallow end. My friend Lily swims at the YMCA. I used to swim at the YMCA but now I swim at my aunt’s pool. 

One time, my sisters and I went swimming in DeRuyter with our cousins.It was the same day as the DeRuyter parade. We swam at my aunt’s house. It was 80 degrees and a very hot day.

I help my family. I help my mom wash dishes and make dinner. I love my mom. My mom works hard. I help my dad work in the barn. My dad is a welder and he fixes things. He works at Suit-Kote. My dad is cool and works hard.  l Help my mom do grading.l help my dad

drive the tractor. I help my sister named Shawna do her homework and help my other sister Corinne when she falls. I like to play with my family and I love my sisters.


About Me

By Eliza

Hi my name is Eliza. I am 8 years old. I am very kind and do some chores like giving the dogs water. I like to help my mom by folding the laundry. I have two dogs named Blue and gidget and a cat named Figaro. We also have fish but they don’t have names. I was born in Florida with gramma and papa. I’m in 3rd grade and my teacher’s name is Ms. Hull. I like school because I can see my friends. What I want to be when I grow up is a veterinarian because I love animals. I don’t like covid 19. I wish we could take our masks off and be free. I have a 5 year old brother named Rory. That is about me.


Who is Bradley ?

By Bradley

I like fishing.

Fishing is my passion.

I have 6 ponds at my grandma and grandpa’s house.

I help my grandma and grandpa catch the fish in the ponds.

My favorite part about fishing is going on the boat for fishing.

 I like different types of fish.

They are tarpon,snook,king salmon,smallmouth bass,perch,pike,tiger musky,

Sturgeon, goliath tiger fish, bowfin, brook trout,alligator gar.

I Love fish.

When I grow up I want to be a fishing guide.

I have a corner of the basement where I store my fishing stuff.

I have 5,000 fishing lures.

Fishing season started on April 1st.

I go fishing  with my grandpa and grandma and  my mom and dad.

On spring break I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house.

When I go with my grandpa and grandma I have fun.

Here is my list of things I will do.

  1. Cut grass
  2. Go fishing
  3. Have fun
  4. Capture wood chucks!!!!!***
  5. Set up targets.
  6. Ride my bike



By Claire

I help my mom by taking my dog for a walk.

What I like about walking my dog is that I get fresh air. I feel happy when I take  my dog for a walk. I play with my dog Kanan  in the backyard. I throw the ball 100 times but he won’t stop retrieving the ball. Kanan is a black lab. He is 6 years old.



By Amira

Hi my name is Amira and I go to Truxton Academy Charter School. I am in 3rd grade. I am kind. I love soccer. I’m a soccer player.

I love soccer because it is fun and I like working with a team. It is a team sport because me and my team have to work together to score and block goals. To score goals we pass the ball to each other so when the ball gets close to the goal then we can shoot. To block goals, we make sure the ball is not close to the goal and if it is we will work together to get it away by passing the ball up the field and try to get it to the other goal.

My family is important to me because they help me when I need help. I help them if they need help. I take my dog  for walks. I help with the dishes. I play games with my sister Phoenix.

When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I am kind and smart. Being a teacher helps kids learn and I think learning is important. When I am a teacher, I will help kids learn

My love of soccer will help me reach my goals. It will teach me to work with a team and working with a team is important for teaching.

Training Horses and Working With My Calf

By Kylin Burrows.

Hi my name is Kylin I am a student at Truxton Academy. 

Who is Kylin? I am an animal trainer! I train horses. I get on horses and see what they’re like and see how they respond to the bit. A bit goes into a horse’s mouth so the rider can control the direction the horse moves in.  I like riding horses everyday. I love jumping my horses everyday. I love it. 

Sometimes it is hard to train horses. It is a challenge to get a saddle on their back and to halter break them. Halter break means to get the horse comfortable wearing a halter. Sometimes a horse doesn’t like the feel of a saddle and they start to rear and buck so I have to find a way to calm them down. I tell them “Whoa,” and give them a treat. I tell the horse that they are good. It is a challenge everyday with horses.

 Working with horses makes me feel happy because I get to see horses everyday. If I get angry I go to my horses and they cheer me up.

 I have one more thing I want to share about me. I am not just a horse trainer, I also work with calves. I have a calf. He is a bull named Ferdinand. He is my show calf. Ferdinand used to drink out of a bottle, but thanks to my mom now he can drink out of a bucket. My mom helped me to teach my calf how to drink out of a bucket and he is doing a good job. We are in the middle  of halter breaking my calf. 

My calf comes to the front porch and eats his milk and goes to the barn and lays down. Ferdinand is really funny. He bucks. He is a good boy. I love him so much.

 I have so much fun training horses and my calf. It is a fun job to me. I have so much fun doing the things to take care of horses and my calf.  I love my animals and my family. They mean the world to me. I do the thing I love every day.


Let Me Introduce Myself 

By Sam Tyler

Who am I? 

I am a student, I am a brother, I am a son, I am a grandson, I am a kid, I am a musician, I am a 9-year old, and I am a helpful person.

How do I impact my community?

To help my community and stop the spread of COVID. We mostly stay home except when we visit friends or family or have to get groceries. However, when we do visit friends and family or get groceries we are safe and wear masks. 

For example, on March 13th, 2021, we visited my grandpa in Seneca Falls. We were looking for a sweet shop, but we could not find one. Then, we saw an inflatable unicorn suit and decided to check it out. She was advertising girl scout cookies and we bought some. We went to the canal and ate some cookies in the sunshine. We bought Shortbread, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs. My favorites were the Tagalongs! It was a win-win situation because we got cookies, and the Girl Scouts raised money.

The best part of the day was getting to visit with my grandpa. He got his 2nd dose of the vaccine, so he should be safe to give hugs to now.



By Lily

Hello I’m Lily. I live in Truxton. I go to school at Truxton Academy. I’m in 3rd grade. I love to write, play sports and play with my friends. I also like math, art, dance and science. I like to do these things because I can do them with my friends. I want to be a vet. I have a calf, six chickens, two dogs and a guinea pig. I love animals. I want to be a vet because I know a lot about animals and I like to help them especially if they are sick or hurt. I help feed animals at home and I help clean their homes as well. When I go to riding lessons I help do chores with my riding teacher named Oliva. The chores that I do there are to feed the animals, clean the stables and brush the horses. It is fun mostly because they are horses. I love to swim too. I have swam since I was four years old. I am a very good swimmer. I was inspired by my mom to swim. I love the backstroke and breaststroke the most. I have wanted to swim sense I was two years old. I have won a lot of swim meets.

Here are some pictures of my animals: