Cortland County High School Sports Game Recaps (April 14th)

(Original photo provided by Cincinnatus Varsity Boys Soccer team Head Coach Gordy Brown).

Here are some local high school varsity game recaps from Wednesday’s games:

Cincinnatus Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Brookfield

Team 1st 2nd Final
Cincinnatus 6 3 9
Brookfield 2 1 3


The Cincinnatus Lions won their game against Brookfield with a score of 9-3. 

The Lions had a great start to the game, ending the first half with a comfortable 4 goal lead. They would then score three additional goals to finish the game. 

Scorers and assisters for Cincinnatus include Cason Stafford (2 goals & 5 assists), Scott schuyler (1 goal 1 assist), Jacob Smith (2 goals) , Jordan Larrabee (1 goal) , Owen Delepine (1 goal), Josh Smith (1 goal & 1 assist), and Jacob Lieb (1 goal).

Scorers and assisters for Brookfield include Kodie Abrams (2 goals), Drake Alsante (1 goal), and Quinton Moon (1 assist).

Cincinnatus Goalkeepers Kooper Vosburg and Toby Delepine ended the game with 3 saves each; while Brookfield’s keeper Kaden Ondrako had 9 saves. 

Cincinnatus Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Brookfield

Team 1st 2nd Final
Cincinnatus 4 0 4
Brookfield 1 0 1


The Cincinnatus Lions took down Brookfield with a 4-1 score Wednesday evening. 

The Lions had an extremely hot start to the game, as they went on to score four consecutive goals in a matter of six minutes. Deslinn Rutan scored in the 12th minute of the game and Kyla Sustad scored a hat-trick (three goals). Sustad scored in the 16th, 17th, and 18th minute of the game.  Brookfield’s Jaelyn Vleer-Elliot scored in the first half to make it a 4-1 game. 

Cincinnatus ended the game with 14 shots and 8 saves; while Brookfield had 11 shots and 4 saves. 

McGraw Varsity Boys Soccer vs. Stockbridge Valley

Team 1st 2nd Final
McGraw 2 0 2
Stockbridge Valley 0 1 1


The McGraw Golden Eagles defeated Stockbridge Valley 2-1 on the road. 

The Eagles started the game strong with a 2-0 avantage with about 24 minutes left in the first half. Both of McGraw’s goals were scored by Jackson Card. His first goal was assisted by Skyler Barrows, while his second goal was assisted by Jaydon Bassett. 

According to McGraw Head Coach Jamey Crumb, the Eagles did not have a good second half as they “just didn’t play with the same intensity and couldn’t get much going.” 

Stockbridge Valley’s Evan Baker scored in the second half to make it a 2-1 game, but the Eagles were still able to hold on to their lead to win the game. 

Mcgraw ended the game with a total of 13 shots and 15 saves from Nolan Knickerbocker, while Stockbridge Valley had 16 shots and 11 saves. 

Cortland Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. Central Square

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cortland 25 24 25 25 3
Central Square 20 26 23 20 1


The Cortland Purple Tigers improved to a 7-2 record after defeating Central Square in four sets on the road.

It was a close game, with each team scoring 20+ points per set. 

The Tigers however came out victorious at the end of a hard fought battle. 

“It’s been a while since we had an away match,” said Cortland Head Coach Cheri Olson. 

“Marissa had a great night offensively. Central Square was fighting hard for every point, so I am glad we were able to squeak out the win. It was definitely closer than any of us would have liked so we know we need to focus on our last few practices if we want to end the season with a couple of wins.”

Cortland was led by Marissa Parzynski (13 kills & 7 digs), Jenn Baker (20 assists), Lexi Zacek (5 kills & 9 digs), Alyssa Greenwood (12 digs), and Julia Guest (7 kills & 4 digs).