Cortland County High School Sports Game Recaps (April 16th)

(Original photo provided by Cincinnatus Varsity Girls Soccer team’s Head Coach Lisa Sustad).

Here are some local high school varsity game recaps from Friday’s games:

Cincinnatus Varsity Girls Soccer vs. DeRuyter

Team 1st 2nd Final
Cincinnatus 5 2 7
DeRuyter 1 0 1


The Cincinnatus Lions ended their shortened season with a 7-1 win over the DeRuyter Rockets. 

The Lions dominated the field after scoring 5 of their seven goals in the first half. DeRuyter scored their only goal of the game in the first half. 

Cincinnatus scored two more goals in the second half to end the game and secure the victory.

Kyla Sustad led the Lions with a haul (4 goals) along with one assist. Following Sustad were Shayla Temple (2 goals), Deslinn Rutan (1 goal), and Caitlin Standish (1 assist).

DeRuyter’s Brianna Hannafan scored the Rocket’s only goal of the game. 

Cincinnatus ended the game with a total of 21 shots and 6 saves from Mia Stirone, while DeRuyter had 7 shots and 12 saves. 

McGraw Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Marathon 

Team 1st 2nd Final
McGraw 1 1 2
Marathon 0 0 0


The McGraw Golden Eagles defeated the Marathon Olympians with a score of 2-0. 

It was a hard fought game by both teams in the rain. McGraw dominated the majority of the game. Marathon developed good looks on offense, but they were unable to score.

McGraw’s Bayley Meade scored both goals for the Eagles. She scored one goal in the first half coming off an assist from Lexi Stiles; and another goal in the second half, chipping the ball over Marathon’s keeper after catching her out of position.

McGraw ended the game with 24 shots and 3 saves by Jaiden Cortez (one save coming off of the line to make a last second clearance); while Marathon had 4 shots and 12 saves by Kendra Euson. 

Homer Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. CBA

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Homer 25 26 20 25 3
CBA 15 24 25 22 1


The Homer Trojans defeated Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) in three sets on Friday. 

After winning the first two sets, the Trojans lost the third set (20-25) as CBA made a push to make a comeback. 

However, Homer would come out on top by three points after a hard fought fourth set to end the match. 

The Trojans were led by Kloey Roos (10 kills), Alyssa Wheeler (16 assists), Annika Roos (7 kills), Kayla Miller (6 kills), and Mya Updyke (9 assists).