Cortland County Announces Availability of First Dose Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Next Week

Press release from Cortland County Deputy Clerk Savannah Hempstead.

The Cortland County Health Department and Guthrie Cortland Medical Center announce a first dose Moderna clinic to be held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, from 12:30pm – 2:30pm at the SUNY Cortland Ice Arena. This clinic is for any New York State resident who is 18 and older. During the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause, we have been focusing our efforts on our second dose clinics. Although the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has resumed, we will have Moderna for next week as we wait for the production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to ramp up.

Like other counties around us, we have seen a decline in vaccine demand. Vaccination is safe and is an important tool in our fight against COVID. Our county vaccination rate is nearly 40% and the Health Department encourages all eligible residents to get vaccinated to help us resume our usual activities. This pandemic is not over yet and we are seeing new cases of COVID daily. Please continue to wear your mask, avoid large crowds and get tested and stay home for any symptoms. Please register for next Wednesday’s first dose Moderna clinic here: