Cortland County Legislative Chairman Encourages Participation in Broadband Survey

Press release from Cortland County Deputy Clerk Savannah Hempstead.

This week the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board (CNYRPDB), which includes Cortland County, announced the launch of a multi-county Broadband Internet Survey that looks to gauge the extent of Broadband infrastructure in Central New York and to gather important data from residents that will be used to garner State and Federal funds to expand access to Broadband internet to underserved counties like Cortland.

Assisting CNY Regional Planning in this effort is ECC Technologies a private consulting firm out of Rochester, NY that has a history of working with communities across New York to develop solutions to Broadband Internet access issues.

The confidential survey asks residents to identify known gaps in Broadband access, but also asks participants to provide information on the affordability of their current internet service and what they would be willing to spend to access Broadband services.

Legislative Chairman Paul Heider encourages residents and business owners to take the survey to support access to future funding for expanding Broadband services in and around Cortland County. Heider says “the pandemic has shown how important reliable, affordable Broadband Internet is for a variety of needs”, “as we emerge from this pandemic we need to advocate for investment in this critical infrastructure and this is one way we can support efforts to make sure Cortland County is not left out.”

The survey is available at or you may also contact CNYRPDB at (315) 412-5966 for assistance filling out the survey, more information regarding the survey or to have a survey delivered to your home.