Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (May 6th)

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Thursday’s events:

Homer Varsity Baseball vs. Skaneateles

It was a difficult start for the Trojans, as they allowed Skaneateles to score 7 runs in the first two innings of the game. The Homer Trojans lost a tough game against Skaneateles with a score of 3-9 on the road. 

The Trojans tried to make a comeback in the  seventh inning of the game, but they were only able to score two more times. 

Richard Lambrecht, Jacob Atkins, and Jed Brazo scored one run each for the Trojans. 

Homer Varsity Softball vs. Cazenovia

Things didn’t start so well for Homer, as they allowed seven runs in the opening two innings, while only scoring on one. It was a tough ball game for the Lady Trojans Thursday evening after losing 4-19 at home. 

The Lady Trojans went on to shut down Cazenovia in the third inning while scoring another run to try to get back in the game. Cazenovia continued to expand on their lead in the fourth inning to put the game out of reach. 

Catherine Apker led the Trojans with three runs in the game; while Cecelia Rappleyea scored on one run. 

“We struggled offensively and had too many errors,” said Homer Head Coach Cris Colasurdo. “Cat Apker continues to be consistent offensively and tonight went 2-3 with 3 runs scored, 1 RBI and a home-run. We are just making it harder for ourselves when we have 10 errors. With continued hard work and focus the girls will improve and earn some wins.” 

Homer Varsity Boys Tennis vs. LaFayette

The Homer Trojans improved to 2-0 on the season after taking down LaFayette 3-2. 

All three of Homer’s singles players won their matches; while both doubles teams lost close games. 

Here is a breakdown of Thursday’s matches:

  • First Singles: Homer’s Spencer Rusyniak defeated LaFayette’s Luke Wanlass (6-0 & 6-0). 
  • Second Singles: Homer’s Raymond Meng defeated LaFayette’s Hunter Martorella (6-0 & 6-0). 
  • Third Singles: Homer’s Jake Camp defeated LaFayette’s Paul Coon (6-1 7 6-2). 
  • First Doubles: Homer’s Nik Kruman and Conor Powers lost to LaFayette’s Brandon Benjamin and Mason Shute (5-7 & 2-6)
  • Second Doubles: Homer’s Brandon McLaughlin and  Elijah Smith lost to LaFayette’s Lindsay Carroll and Mark Humphrey (6-7, 6-1 7 6-7). 

McGraw Varsity Softball vs. Cincinnatus

It was a back and forth affair between these Cortland County rival teams.The Mcgraw Golden Eagles defeated the Cincinnatus Lions in a close ball game with a score of 11-9. 

The Lions went on to get an 8-3 lead at the end of the fourth inning. However, McGraw rallied to get back in the game in the last three innings of the ball game. McGraw outscored Cincinnatus 7-1 in the final three innings to win the game. 

“Unfortunately, we lost stamina in the fifth and sixth inning, costing us the game,” said Cincinnatus Head Coach Ashley Bush. “In this short time we have made a lot of growth and I am looking forward to seeing the improvements that are yet to come.”

McGraw was led by Lexi Stiles (4 runs), Hannah Wilson (3 runs), Ella Fish (2 runs), Hannah Fitzgerald (1 run), and Paige Simmons (1 run). Lexi Stiles also threw 5 strikeouts from the mound. 

Cincinnatus was led by Kiana Guinn (2 runs), Phoebe Smith (2 runs), Jayla Hall (1 run), Marin Dumian (1 run), Kaires Raymond (1 run, stealing home base), Piper Landers (1 run), and Shannon Ray (1 run). 

Cincinnatus Boys Varsity Golf vs. McGraw

The Cincinnatus Lions defeated McGraw after some close matches Thursday afternoon. Cincinnatus won 293-298 against the Eagles. (Reminder: lowest score in golf wins). 

Individual results: 


  • Colin Ervin- 40
  • LJ Frink- 47
  • Josh Smith- 65
  • Garrett Frink- 71
  • Mason Walker- 70


  • Caleb Knickerbocker- 43
  • Brok Montesano- 46
  • Owen Thomas- 71
  • Jacob Bilodeau- 71
  • Zander Weeks- 67