Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (May 14th)

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Friday’s events:

Varsity Baseball: Cortland vs. ESM

The Cortland Purple Tigers took on ESM (East Syracuse Minoa) for the second day in a row. This time, Cortland defeated ESM 21-2. Cortland is 8-0 this season. 

The Tigers were led offensively by Tyler Blake (4 runs), Jason Carr (3 runs), Max Gambitta (2 runs), Caden Congdon (2 runs), Adam Minnard (2 runs), Luke Rogoff (2 runs), Caden Albright (2 runs), Nick Yonta (1 run), Kooper Knabe (1 run), Ethan Johnson (1 run), and Andrew Partigianoni (1 run). 

Jason Carr also had a great pitching game, pitching in 6 innings and throwing 5 strikeouts. 

Varsity Softball: Homer vs. Jordan Elbridge

The Homer Lady Trojans lost a tough game against Jordan Elbridge Friday afternoon, 3-12.

Cat Apker and Abby Villnave scored all three runs for the Trojans. Apker had 1 run and an Rbi, while Villnave scored on 2 runs (one of them being a homerun). She also had an RBI. 

Varsity Baseball: McGraw vs. Stockbridge Valley

The McGraw Golden Eagles lost a close game to Stockbridge Valley with a score of 5-8. 

The Eagles were led offensively by Jayden Bassett (2 runs), Nate Stile (2 runs), and Josh Parks (1 run). 

Nate Stile also threw a total of 7 strikeouts from the mound. 

Varsity Softball: McGraw vs. Madison

The McGraw Golden Eagles defeated Madison with a close score of 18-17.

The Eagles were led offensively by Ella Fish (4 runs), Hanna Fitzgerald (3 runs), Hannah Wilson (2 runs), Emily Fish (2 runs), Mariah Thompson/Madison Boyer (2 runs), Sarah Thorton (2 runs), Lexi Stiles (1 run), Megan Stull (1 run), and Tehya Long/Madison Sweeney (1 run). 

“We were down 14-4 in the 4th inning,” said McGraw Head Coach Jessyca Doran. “Then we switched a few things up and my team came alive. Just when you think they are down and ready to give up they pull it together and fight hard. The girls encouraged each other and pulled together as a team like I have never seen.”

Varsity Baseball: Marathon vs. Moravia

Marathon’s Braydin Drake scored the only run of the game for the Olympians. The Marathon Olympians suffered a tough 1-2 loss against Moravia. 

Ian Gacek threw a total of 15 strikeouts from the mound. 

Varsity Boys Tennis: Homer vs. Pulaski

The Homer Trojans improved to 4-0 on the season after defeating Pulaski 5-0. 

Here is a breakdown of Friday’s individual matches:

  • First Singles: Homer’s Spencer Rusyniak defeated Pulaski’s Rafael Aguilar (6-0 & 6-0) 
  • Second Singles: Homer’s Raymond Meng defeated Pulaski’s Garrett Starbird (6-0 & 6-0) 
  • Third Singles: Homer’s Jake Camp defeated Pulaski’s Austin Dufrane (6-0 & 6-0) 
  • First Doubles: Homer’s Nik Kruman and Conor Powers defeated Pulaski’s Myer Butler and Ethan Facey (6-0 & 6-0) 
  • Second Doubles: Homer’s Brandon McLaughlin and Elijah Smith defeated Pulaski’s Cody Mullin and Logan Trump (6-0 & 6-0) 

Varsity Track & Field (Marathon Spring Fling Invitational): Marathon and Cincinnatus vs. Multiple Schools

The Marathon Olympians hosted their Spring Fling Invitational Friday evening, where a total of 14 schools competed. 

Here are the final and individual results of Friday’s track meet for both the Marathon and Cincinnatus boys’ & girls’ teams. 

Boys Final Results

  1. Trumansburg- 119.5
  2. Dryden- 100 
  3. Lansing- 91.5
  4. Tioga- 52.5
  5. Spencer Van-Etten- 52 
  6. Newark Valley- 41 
  7. Groton- 29 
  8. Moravia- 10 
  9. Marathon- 8.5
  10. Southern Cayuga- 8 
  11. Candor- 5 
  12. Cincinnatus- 4 
  13. Union Springs- 4 
  14. Whitney Point- 2 

Marathon Boys Highlights

  • Thomas White came in 4th in the 3,000 meter Steeplechase
  • Gabriel Teeter placed 5th in the 400 meter race
  • Conor Holland placed 6th in the high jump event

Cincinnatus Boys Highlights

  • Cason Stafford placed 7th in the 1,600 meter race  
  • Tyler Liddle came in 6th in the 400 meter race 

Girls Final Results

  1. Trumansburg- 124.5
  2. Lansing- 78 
  3. Tioga- 59 
  4. Dryden- 57 
  5. Newark Valley- 48.5
  6. Groton- 44 
  7. Southern Cayuga- 43 
  8. Cincinnatus- 20 
  9. Moravia- 17 
  10. Spencer Van-Etten- 15 
  11. Candor- 12 
  12. Whitney Point- 4 
  13. Marathon- 3
  14. Union Springs- 1 

Marathon Girls Highlights

  • Anna Hoyt  placed 7th in the 400 meter race

Cincinnatus Girls Highlights

  • Payton Stith came in 4th in the 200 meter dash. She also placed 5th in both the 100 meter dash and the 400 meter run. 
  • Justice Crane came in 5th in the shot put event.