Cortland Weather Outlook: Tuesday, May 25

Your Cortland County weather forecast for Tuesday, May 25, 2021:

Warm air and humidity will move back into the area today thanks to south and southwest winds.

These winds will blow steadily at around 10 mph throughout the day. A few gusts will approach 30 mph.

Temperatures will push back toward 80 degrees this afternoon with a noticeable increase in humidity. Dewpoints will rise into the low 60s.

Sunshine will mix with clouds throughout the day. Afternoon fair weather clouds will bubble up and build. One or two may be capable of producing a shower or even a rumble of thunder.

Most areas will stay dry, though.

Tonight, any lingering showers will dissipate. Skies will remain partly cloudy. Temperatures will slowly drop through the 60s, but will stay above 60 throughout the night.

Here is a look at the weather for the next several days:

Wednesday: Showers and thunderstorms possible, some could be strong. Morning lows in the low 60s. Afternoon highs in the mid 80s.

Thursday: More sun than clouds. Morning lows in the low 50s. Afternoon highs in the upper 60s.

Friday: Cloudy with rain. Morning lows in the mid 40s. Afternoon highs near 50.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. Morning lows in the upper 30s. Afternoon highs near 60.