With COVID-19 Numbers Rising, Cortland County Continues to Urge People to get Vaccinated

(Photo Source: Unsplash)

Press Release from the Cortland County Health Department. 

With cases continuing to grow throughout the nation and our recent increase in new COVID-19 cases throughout the county, we urge community members that are unvaccinated and eligible to receive the vaccine, to get vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as possible to help reduce the spread of this virus into our community.

The Delta variant is noted by the CDC to be the dominant strain in the United States now and this variant is highly transmissible. While some who are vaccinated are still able to become infected by COVID-19, these vaccinated individuals still represent a very small amount of the transmission occurring throughout the country. Furthermore, the CDC noted that virtually all hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the unvaccinated.

Recently the CDC issued guidance for individuals who are fully vaccinated to mask while in areas with substantial and high transmission due to the prevalence and spread of the Delta variant. Cortland County continues to have low transmission, and there is no new local guidance at this time. Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear a mask in indoor public places. Vaccinated individuals should continue to consult the CDC guidance regarding masking when six feet of distance cannot be maintained, as well as mask wearing for all riders on public transit and in certain settings, such as health care, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters.

Vaccination is still the best tool we have to protect ourselves from all current COVID-19 strains and especially from severe illness, hospitalization or death. For those that are eligible and still need their vaccination, we encourage community members to reach out to their local medical providers or pharmacies to get vaccinated.

Our recent case investigations have revealed that people are still going to work or attending social activities with symptoms. We stress the importance of getting tested and staying home and away from others if you develop any symptoms to help minimize the spread in our community.