Village of Marathon Board of Trustees moves marijuana discussion and vote to Sept. 1 meeting

(Photo Source: Village of Marathon Facebook page)

The village of Marathon Board of Trustees have moved the discussion and vote revolving around portions of New York State’s Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) to its Sept. 1 meeting.

The MRTA discussion and vote was set for this Wednesday’s upcoming meeting, but village mayor Bill McGovern stated Tuesday morning that the reason is due to not having a “full board” for the meeting.

“I want to make sure everyone on the board is there for the (MRTA) discussion and vote,” McGovern said.

(Village of Marathon Mayor Bill McGovern).

The village has a drafted local law in place to prohibit marijuana-based dispensaries and on-site consumption establishments in the area.

Over a dozen village and town of Marathon residents spoke during the public hearing at the Aug. 4 Board of Trustees meeting. A majority of the residents spoke out against the village potentially seeking to opt out. The residents cited a mix of reasons as to why dispensaries and on-site consumption establishments would be beneficial for the village, including sales tax revenue and aiding in overall mental health.

The village has until Dec. 31 to opt out of the portions of the MRTA bill. If the village doesn’t take action, dispensaries and on-site consumption are automatically legal in the area at the beginning of next year.