Cortland Common Council Meeting: Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 (Video & Time Segments Included)

Here is a video stream of Tuesday night’s Cortland Common Council meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st, 2021. See below for the specific time segments for each agenda item.

Time segments for each agenda item:

Public hearings, public comments, ward reports, mayor’s report, proclamations, and minutes (Start at 0:00:17).

Public Hearing regarding EO203 and increasing the number of members on Police commission. This expands the commission from 3 to 5 members. (Start at 0:00:31). 

Public Hearing on making Valley View Drive an all way stop at the entrance to the Cortland JR. Sr. High school. (Start at 0:02:17). 

Supporting Documents:

Item #1 – Consideration of a resolution to acknowledge receipt of a letter of resignation from Kat McCarthy, relinquishing her position as First Ward Councilmember. (Start at 0:18:03). 

Item #2 – Consideration of a resolution to appoint a new Councilmember to fulfill the term of First Ward Councilmember until December 31, 2021. (Start at 0:21:18). 

Item #3 – Consideration of a Resolution to approve the change of title for a previously approved hire from a Youth Services Specialist to a Recreation Supervisor position at the Cortland Youth Bureau (John McNerney). (Start at 0:25:06). 

Item #4 – Consideration of a Resolution to approve the special event application and all other required applications for CNY Wellness Festival on Saturday October 9, 2021 from 9AM – 5PM in Courthouse Park. (Mayor Tobin, Sonya Langan). (Start at 0:28:45). 

Item #5 – Consideration of a Resolution to waive the fees associated with the CNY Wellness Festival. (Mayor Tobin). (Start at 0:30:21). 

Item #6 – Consideration of a Resolution to accept, recognize and appropriate the following donations to the Youth Bureau. (John McNerney). (Start at 0:30:46). 

Item #7 – Consideration of a resolution to allow a sound device permit on September 9, 2021 for, “The Squeeze Juice Bar” at 105 Main Street from 3-7pm. A DJ will play music the help celebrate the grand opening of the Squeeze in its new location. (Darris McDowell). (Start at 0:31:47). 

Item #8 – Consideration of a Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Grant Agreement with the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation and all other contracts, documents, and instruments necessary to bring about the project and to fulfill the City of Cortland’s obligations under the Grant Agreement. The grant is an Engineering Planning Grant for a potential Aeration System Upgrade project. (Bruce Adams). (Start at 0:32:41). 

Item #9 – Consideration of a Resolution that the City of Cortland authorizes and appropriates a minimum 20 percent local match as required by the Engineering Planning Grant Program for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration System Upgrade study. Under the EPG program, this local match must be at least 20 percent of the EPG grant award of $24,000. The source of the local match, and any amount more than the required match, shall be provided by the Sewer Fund. The maximum local match shall not exceed $4,800.00 based upon a total estimated maximum project cost of $24,000. The Mayor may increase this local match using in- kind services without further approval from the City of Cortland. (Bruce Adams). (Start at 0:33:17). 

Item #10 – Consideration of a Resolution to Cancel the Loan Agreement with Cortland Rural Cemetery, Inc. and Forego Collection of all Advances and Accrued Interest made Thereon. (Start at 0:34:35):

  • Whereas: in December 2018 the City and the Cortland Entered in an installment loan agreement when in the City would advance the Cemetery funds to sustain operations, and
  • Whereas: In January 2019 the City advanced $8,000 to the Cemetery, and
  • Whereas: Pursuant to the installment agreement the City is not to receive any repayments during the first ten years of the advance, and
  • Whereas: the City is to receive the full amount of the loan plus interest on December 18, 2028, and
  • Whereas: The Board of the Cemetery has decided that it is in the best interest of the Cemetery all assets to Forest Lawn Incorporated, and
  • Whereas: As a condition precedent to the transferred Forest Lawn, Inc. is requiring that all indebtedness to the City be cancelled, and
  • Whereas: the Common Council of the City deems it in the best interest of the City and its residents to fully cooperate with the Cortland Rural Cemetery as it undertakes such actions that enhances the financial and operational sustainability.
  • Therefore be it resolved that the City is forgiving all advances and accrued interest there under owed to the City by the Cortland Rural Cemetery, Inc.

Item #11 – Consideration of a Resolution to adopt funding priorities for the American Rescue Plan funds. (Mayor Tobin). (Start at 0:42:14). 

Item #12 – Consideration of a Resolution to authorize the Mayor to enter into an agreement with SEIU. (Ric VanDonsel). (Start at 0:43:27). 

Item #13 – Discussion regarding the status of Parker School, and the proposal to turn it into an early childhood education center for daycare, Head Start, and Early Head Start. (Mayor Tobin). (Start at 0:44:43). 

Item #14 – Discussion on the opportunity for the city to collaborate with the County Planner to determine new ward boundaries, based upon the recently completed 2020 Census. This can include changing boundaries, and potentially the number of council members. (Mayor Tobin). (Start at 1:03:31). 

Executive Session requested, discussion of contractual negotiations (no action anticipated)