Town of Cortlandville Announces Tentative 2022 Budget (Video Included)

The town of Cortlandville announced its tentative 2022 budget at a special town board meeting today.

For the drafted 2022 budget, total appropriations are estimated at $10,775,648. Predicted revenue for 2022 is at $6,085,648.

The estimated revenue for the general fund, which has a total appropriation at $3,762,759, is at $1,916,954.

The town board scheduled a budget workshop for Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 4 p.m. via Zoom. The workshop is used for the town board to review and discuss the drafted budget as a whole.

Following the workshop, a public hearing in regards to the budget will be held at a town board meeting yet to be determined. Soon thereafter, the budget will go back to the town board for approval.

Here is a video of the town of Cortlandville’s special board meeting to announce the tentative 2022 budget: