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Hello, Cortlandville Folks

Even during COVID, our Town government continued with its service to you. We were there for you by mail, phone, email, and electronic meetings. We protected the aquifer, paved more roads than ever before, and enacted 

a solar moratorium. Details of these and all accomplishments of our Town Board and Town Departments can be found in the recently mailed “Talk of the Town Newsletter”. It’s also available on our website, Cortlandville Town Hall 3577 Terrace Road Cortland, NY 13045.  The Town Board gave responsible leadership through the pandemic.

Now let’s set the facts straight about the Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex & Town Park.  We the People own this Park, it is available for all of us to use. The Town’s recent contract with a nationally known baseball scouting service, PBRT, ONLY helps manage the baseball operations. 

The true park history, facts, and figures are also available in the newsletter.  The positive Economic Impact that Sports Tourism has had for our Town and County is also explained there.  We should all rejoice that 13,000 people came to the County because of events held at the baseball fields.  While those folks were here, they spent 1.9M dollars in our community giving a boost to our local economy! Learn the truth about the park and vote to continue the responsible leadership by our Town Board.  

Town Board members are committed to Cortlandville – a wonderful community in which to live and work!  We believe in responsible and focused growth.  We are proud that the economic success of our Town contributes positively to the entire County.

Click on the link to view the Town Newsletter and/or go to cortlandcountygop.com to view our palm card and bios. Keep Cortlandville STRONG and PROUD.  Your vote matters!  Vote by November 2nd.

Tom Williams, Town Supervisor



Tom Williams, Cortlandville Town Supervisor and Republican Candidate in the 2021 election for Town Supervisor in Cortlandville.





Paid for by the Cortland County Republican Committee.