Hello Cortlandville: A Word from Tom Williams (Sponsored Content)

Tom Williams, Cortlandville Town Supervisor and Republican Candidate in the 2021 election for Town Supervisor in Cortlandville.

Sponsored Content Paid for by the Cortland County Republican Committee

Hello, Cortlandville Folks!

This is Tom Williams, incumbent candidate for Town Supervisor.

You may have heard and read a lot from my opponent this campaign season. Have you noticed his platform is built upon attacking me with misrepresentations and accusations? Have you noticed the absence of vision, goals, plans, and encouragement?

I have not responded in kind as I refuse to take that bait. I was raised in a home where spiteful words were just not tolerated. That was sharpened by my years in law enforcement.  I believe my lifelong reputation and years of public service in this community speak for themselves.

The accomplishments of the Cortlandville Town Board are many these past two years, including:    

  • We protected the aquifer
  •  Paved more roads than ever before
  • Enacted a solar moratorium
  • Commenced a town wide LED high efficiency street light project
  • Completed upgrades to the water/sewer infrastructure
  • Received and awarded several Grants
  • Set the stage for the future success of the GLSC&TP
  • Reported to you via the “Talk of the Town Newsletter”

This is responsible leadership by your Town Board and I am honored to serve as your supervisor. My goal, and the goal of our team, is to guide our Town into a vital, vibrant, and prosperous future.  

I ask you to VOTE to re-elect me, Tom Williams, Cortlandville Supervisor, and the slate of Republican candidates.

Remember to Vote by November 2nd.   It matters!