Cincinnatus girls lose in penalty shootout to Poland; Cincinnatus boys to play in sectional finals after DeRuyter forfeit

Cincinnatus girls’ soccer. (Photo from earlier in the season/The Cortland Voice).

Cincinnatus Girls Soccer

The #3 seeded Cincinnatus girls soccer team lost a close game to Poland (2nd seed) in the Section III Class D Sectional semifinals. The game was settled after a penalty shootout, which Poland won 4-5. 

It was an extremely competitive game between both teams, as they traded blows with each other to the point of going all the way to a penalty shootout. 

With the game tied 2-2 after 80 minutes, the game went to double-overtime. 

With both teams’ defenses standing strong and unable to score after double-overtime, they then went into two 5-minute halves of golden goal periods before going into the penalty shootout stage of the game. 

Poland’s Sarah Zuchowski scored the winning penalty kick for Poland to advance to the sectional finals that will be played at SUNY Cortland on Friday (October 29th). 

Throughout the game, Cincinnatus was led by Kyla Sustad (2 goals) and Gabriella Taylor (14 saves).

Poland was led by Shelbi Hagues (1 goal), Lily Martin (1 goal), Lilly McColley (1 assist), Alexis Bates (1 assist), Zyanna Irving-Summers (2 saves), and Chloe Roark (9 saves). 

Here is a score breakdown of yesterday’s game:

Cincinnatus Boys Soccer

The Cincinnatus boys soccer team was scheduled to play DeRuyter in the semifinals of the Section III Class D Sectional Tournament yesterday (October 27th). However, the game was canceled after DeRuyter forfeited the game because of positive cases of COVID-19 in the team. 

Because of the forfeit, the #1 seeded Cincinnatus Lions will be playing Belleville-Henderson (2nd seed) in the sectional finals on Tuesday (November 2nd) at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill High School. The game is scheduled to kick-off at 5pm. 

Note: Both Cincinnatus and Belleville-Henderson hold an undefeated record of 16-0.