Meet the Candidates: City of Cortland Common Council (Video)

The Cortland Voice staff arranged a meeting with the city of Cortland's common council candidates from both political parties recently. With the election being held within the next few days, we wanted our community to know each candidate and who they were voting for.

Republican Party chair Connie White asked for each candidate to be interviewed and chose the format, and Democratic Party Chair Tim Perfetti agreed. The Republican candidates were not at their headquarters on Port Watson St, which is why you unfortunately will not hear from them. The Democratic Party had 5 of their 8 candidates film a video introducing themselves (2 of the 3 democratic candidates who were not filmed are running unopposed).

City of Cortland Common Council Candidates

Ward Political Party First name Middle Initials Last name Suffix
Ward 1 Democratic Samantha L Adams
Ward 1 Republican Wayne F Schutt II
Ward 2 Democratic Kathryn J Silliman
Ward 2 Republican No Candidate No Candidate No Candidate
Ward 3 Democratic Mary Clare H Pennello
Ward 3 Republican William "Bud" Diescher IV
Ward 4 Democratic Patricia L Lane
Ward 4 Republican Francis C Endler
Ward 5 Democratic Seth A Thompson
Ward 5 Republican Wayne R Rivers Jr
Ward 6 Democratic William D Carpenter
Ward 6 Republican Thomas A Guido
Ward 7 Democratic Troy M Beckwith
Ward 7 Republican No Candidate No Candidate No Candidate
Ward 8 Democratic Melissa N Kiser
Ward 8 Republican Thomas J Michales


Be heard on November 2nd. Vote!!





1st Ward Candidate: Sam Adams

3rd Ward Candidate: Mary Clare Pennello

4th Ward Candidate: Pat Lane

5th Ward Candidate: Seth Thompson

6th Ward Candidate: Bill Carpenter