Cortlandville, NY, (October 31, 3021) – The Bipartisan Supporters of Gutchess Sports Complex has officially endorsed Thomas A. Williams for Town Supervisor and Jeffrey D. Guido and Gregory K. Leach for Town Council Persons.

Member Gerry Ruggiero, a democrat, stated that “it is important that we rise above politics.  There is widespread support as evidenced by the testimonials for the baseball park and the benefits it brings to our town and community at large.  We support these candidates, regardless of their political affiliations, that best demonstrate the leadership needed to move this project forward.”

According to the Cortland Regional Sports Council, local leaders, citizens, and business owners support the ongoing development of the Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex.  Executive Director Machell Phelps said “the truth is that the town has done an incredible job of turning vision to reality in building the complex and using it to help drive the local economy.  And they’re doing it in a way that will have little to no impact on the taxpayers.”

President of the Cortland County Tavern and Restaurant Association, Tammy Timmerman, publicly supported the contract between the Town of Cortlandville and PBRT.  “The contract can and will have a huge economic impact not only for the town but for the entire county of Cortland.  After the last 18 months of economic hardships for our hotels, taverns, and restaurants, the PBRT is a blessing.”

“We look forward to the continued growth of Gutchess Park.  With the plans to expand, we can only continue to see improved economic conditions in the area and feel strongly that all parties involved will benefit,” said Kelly Foster, president of the Cortland Area Innkeepers Association.  Meghan Lawton, executive director of the Cortland County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau agreed, adding “continued support and growth of the Gutchess Park Complex is not only good for Cortlandville – it is good for all of Cortland County.”

Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Bob Haight said he has seen tremendous impact from the two fields that have been built and looks forward to the construction of two more.  Local business leaders Robbie Petrella of Brix, Steven Weinberg of Bernard’s Custom Logo, Bruce Martins of Elm Street Golf Course, Ray Oliver from U Call It We Haul It, Cortland County Democrat Legislators Ron Van Dee and Richard Stock, and the Executive Director and CEO of the Cortland County Business Development Corporation Gary Van Gorder all agree.

Former and current educators and coaches from around the area, including John Tobin, Ben Albright, Abbey Albright, Jeremy Milligan, Matthew Nuesell, Robert Nasiatka, Joseph Carroll, and Bill O’Connell all have come out in support of this vision.

Therefore, our group supports the election of Thomas A. Williams, Jeffrey D. Guido and Gregory K. Leach on November 2, 2021.

Photo from the Town of Cortlandville


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