The ‘Chopped Cheese’ sandwich is what your taste buds are missing (Sponsored Content)

The ”chopped cheese” sandwich is one of the most “in demand” entrees in the city of Cortland. 

A New York City staple, many sources claim that the “chopped cheese” was first discovered between Harlem and the Bronx. 

The chopped cheese consists of meat, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and lettuce on a hero roll. Adding ingredients like tomatoes, peppers or onions are an option. The Squeeze also has a vegan option for the chopped cheese.

Here’s a picture of a “chopped cheese” sandwich with fries. The sandwich and fries are sold separately.

Selling “chopped cheeses” at The Squeeze has become even more of a draw these days, with the business’s new location in the thick of the late-night bar scene on Main Street in the city.

The Squeeze is still a juice bar. They have smoothies and protein shakes. Even though the food is amazing and draws large crowds, many find themselves addicted to the different featured drinks on their menu.

The Squeeze is open from noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and from noon to 3 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday.

Swing by 105 Main Street today, and you won’t be sorry!