GoFundMe page created for Cortland man who died of stab wound: A word from the family

A GoFundMe page has been made to help cover funeral expenses and other costs in regards to the late David O. Sears-Lopez, a Cortland man who died from a stab wound in the city last Wednesday.

The fundraising page was created by Rachel Morgan, the fiancee of David’s younger brother William Lopez. 

Sears-Lopez’s family is looking to raise $4,000 to cover a portion of funeral costs, which is $8,000 in total. Lopez noted that the other half of $8,000 will be covered by an unnamed source.

The raised funds will also aid in covering the cost of travel for David and William’s grandmother Milgaros Lazu, who is flying in from Puerto Rico for the funeral. William said that their grandmother was like a “second mother” for David, since she raised him (David) growing up.


David on the left (red short), and Will on the right (darker shirt). At the time, David was 16 and Will was 15. Photo from Rachel Morgan and Will Lopez.


David’s grandmother, who is also Ronnie Sears’ mother, lived with David when he was a kid in Puerto Rico. Lazu and David moved to Puerto Rico when he was two years old. David and Lazu moved to Reading, Pa. when he was nine years old.

Starting in 2010, William noted that David “moved back and forth” between living in Cortland and Reading. David permanently moved to Cortland following the birth of his daughter, Nayelis.

William said that his brother (David Sears-Lopez) was a “great father, brother and son.” Along with his brother and grandmother, David has a father named Ronnie Sears, a mother named Maria Lopez and a six-year old daughter named Nayelis Lopez.

“He was just a great person overall,” William Lopez said of his brother David. “He was focused on working hard and taking care of his daughter.”


David with his daughter, Nayelis.
Photo from Rachel Morgan and Will Lopez.


William added, “he didn’t start trouble and stuck to himself. It’s a shame that he had to go out like this. He was a humble person.”

Ronnie Sears, who is David and William’s father, said that he “loved David so much.” (NOTE: Maria Lopez was not available for comment at the time of the interview with William Lopez and his family).