Cortlandville town board adopts 2022 budget

(Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith/Cortland Voice).

The Cortlandville town board officially adopts its fiscal budget for 2022 by a 4-0 vote on Wednesday.

The 2022 town budget will be $10,822,148 in total appropriations, with $5,996,285 in estimated revenue. The general/highway fund appropriations as a whole is set at $7,616,620, with $4,005,221 in estimated revenue.

Other breakdowns of the budget include $843,500 for the Cortlandville Fire District, $1,325,593 for the sewer district ($1,058,614 in revenue) and $1,036,435 for the water district ($932,450 in revenue).

A full rundown of Cortlandville’s 2022 budget can be seen here. Cortlandville town supervisor Tom Williams noted at Wednesday’s meeting that the final budget will be sent to the Cortland County treasurer for further certification.