Vote on Pending Sale of Former Virgil School Building is Today

Virgil Elementary School. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith).

The community will get an opportunity to vote yes-or-no on the pending sale of the former Virgil Elementary School Building from the Cortland Enlarged City School District (CECSD) today.

Voting today will take place from noon to 9 p.m. at the CECSD’s Kaufman Center district office on Valley View Drive, and Virgil Town Hall on 1176 Church St. in the town of Virgil.

CECSD accepted an offer of $360,000 from Evan Souzas, owner of Krifo-Scholio, LLC, to purchase the former school building. CECSD Board of Education accepted Souzas’ bid at a recent meeting. Souzas could not be reached for comment.

Details on the development of the building has yet to be determined. Bob Edwards, CECSD superintendent, indicated the building may go under some sort of “residential development.”

Edwards noted the COVID-19 pandemic put a “year-long delay on moving the property.”

“Now we’re back at it and we’re excited to have the opportunity to move the property along,” he added.

According to the town of Virgil historical society, the building was built in 1930 as “Virgil Central School.” The school building became part of CECSD in July 1965, and closed its doors in July 2019.

Since the building has been unoccupied for over two years, Edwards said residents and others were “sad to see a building like this one just sit there.”

“They want to see it reinhabited one way or another,” he added. “It’s positive, future thinking to see this building move into development. People are excited about the potential of the building.”

Officials from the town of Virgil declined to comment on the pending sale and future development of the building.