City Police: Information Revolved Around Stolen Vehicle Requested

City of Cortland Police. (Photo Source: Cortland Voice photo files).

City of Cortland police are looking for information revolving around a stolen vehicle that was recovered Wednesday morning, according to a release by city police.

The release states that a stolen vehicle complaint was called in overnight. The vehicle was a Chevrolet Silverado that was owned by Economy Paving. It was stolen from Franklin Street in the city.

The release noted that the vehicle was recovered and unoccupied in a pond in the town of Pompey (Onondaga County), which is about 30 minutes from the Cortland area.

Contents of the recovered vehicle included an “older model 3-wheeler” in the bed of the truck, the release states. The trunk also contained “collectible dolls and a generator,” the release continues.

The release mentioned that the contents of the recovered vehicle do not belong to Economy Paving.

City police are investigating as to where the items from the recovered vehicle came from. Anyone with information is asked to contact city police at 607-758-8311.