Covid-19 Update from SUNY Cortland (Press release)

(Photo Source: SUNY Cortland's Twitter Page).

SUNY Cortland President Erik J. Bitterbaum sent the following message to update the community on the college's COVID-19 policies for the upcoming 2022 spring semester.

Dear campus community,

I am writing to let you know that an updated version of the COVID-19 safety information page has been published on the SUNY Cortland website. This page includes important information on the university’s COVID-19 policies for the Spring 2022 semester. I encourage you to read it thoroughly.

We are all tired of living in the shadow of COVID-19, but please understand that the pandemic is not over. Earlier this week, Cornell University, just 20 miles from our campus, moved all finals online and closed almost all of its campus after hundreds of vaccinated students tested positive over just a few days. Our ongoing testing does not indicate a surge among SUNY Cortland students, but it is clear we must continue to take precautions.

I strongly encourage all members of the campus community to be mindful of COVID-19 safety over break, especially when it comes to wearing face coverings in public indoor spaces. If you have not already, please use New York state’s COVID-19 vaccine website to schedule a booster appointment through a state-run site or another location. Additionally, if you feel any COVID-19 symptoms while you are away during break, please get tested and isolate or quarantine as directed to protect those around you.

Although SUNY has yet to mandate COVID-19 vaccine boosters for students, the boosters will very likely be required soon. It is in your best interest to schedule an appointment over break rather than attempt to do so in Cortland County this spring.

SUNY Cortland will continue to work with our partners in the SUNY system as well as state and local health officials to determine the safest way to operate. If any policies change, you will receive updates via email and through the COVID-19 safety information page. I am optimistic about the spring semester and SUNY Cortland’s commitment to vital in-person experiences, including classes, internships, clubs, activities and athletic events.

Thank you for making this fall semester a success and please have a relaxing winter break.


All the best,

Erik J. Bitterbaum