City Police: Cortland Man Arrested for Striking Victim With Coffee Pot

City of Cortland Police. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith/The Cortland Voice).

A Cortland man was arrested late Sunday evening after he allegedly struck a victim with a glass coffee pot, according to a release from the City of Cortland Police Department Tuesday morning.

The release states that city police responded to a reported disturbance at a residence on Elm Street late Sunday around 11:30 p.m. The investigation from city police found that Kourtney J. Hughes, 36, reportedly struck a 21-year old victim in the face with a glass coffee pot.

“There was (allegedly) an argument in the house (on Elm Street), and it involved a number of people,” City detective lieutenant Mike Strangeway said on Tuesday. Strangeway noted it then allegedly “led to a fight.”

The coffee pot “smashed on impact,” which gave the victim “(serious) lacerations to the face and neck,” the release continues. The release notes the victim was transported to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse and received treatment for “non-life threatening injuries.”

Hughes has been charged with second-degree assault (a felony), third-degree criminal possession of a weapon (a felony) and second-degree harassment (a violation).

Hughes was recently arraigned and remanded at Cortland County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in city court on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 2 p.m.