Press Release: Paul Heider Will Not Seek Second Term as County Legislative Chair

Paul Heider. (Photo Source: Cortland Voice Photo Files).

Press release from by Cortland County Clerk of the Legislature Savannah Hempstead.

Legislator Paul Heider announced that he will not be seeking a second term as Chair of the Cortland County Legislature. The position of Chair of the Legislature is a two year term. Legislator Heider accepted the position as Chair in January of 2020. There will be an organization meeting on January 5, 2022. Chair Heider stated that the reasons for not seeking another term as Chair are both personal and professional.

In reviewing his term as Chair, Heider stated, “It was an honor for these past two years to have been selected and to have served as Chair of the Cortland County Legislature. When I accepted the position I thought that our biggest battle would be our fiscal crisis. I am happy to report that we are in a much better financial position, but little did any of us know, at the beginning of 2020, that our top priority would be the battling and managing of a public health crisis of epic proportions. Difficult decisions were made and are still being made. I’m proud of the work that was done and how our County employees and the community have responded during COVID. I’ve built strong relationships with our regional partners and our County’s municipal and business leaders. Cortland County is headed in a positive direction and I look forward to the organizational meeting on January 5th. I will be there to help choose the next Chair, and I intend to support that Chair and our County through the remainder of my legislative term.”