COVID-19 wrap-up for Sunday, Jan. 9

Here is a breakdown of COVID-19 numbers in Cortland County from Wednesday, Jan. 5 to Friday, Jan. 7. It is based on recorded information from the Cortland County Health Department.

On Friday, Jan. 7, the county reported 653 active positive cases, 1,144 individuals being monitored, nine current hospitalizations, but no deaths. Since Wednesday, Jan. 5, there have been 367 new positive cases (41% increase in that span) and seven new hospitalizations.



The percentage of positive tests on a daily basis is 15.3%, with a 7-day average of 15.6%.

As of Jan. 7, there have been 8,997 total positive cases, 418 compiled hospitalizations and 90 deaths in the county.

Up to Jan. 7, 57% of residents in Cortland County are fully vaccinated, and 42.3% of those residents have received a booster shot. Of the county’s population that is 12 years-or-older, 63.5% of them are fully vaccinated. For 5-to-11 year olds, 18.5% of them have received both of their doses.