City Zoning Board of Appeals Tables Vote on Variances for Byrne Dairy (Video Included)

Byrne Dairy vice president Christian Brunelle (light blue shirt with grey vest). (Photo Source: Kevin L Smith/The Cortland Voice).

The City of Cortland Zoning Board of Appeals tabled a vote on area variances for a proposed 4,232-square-feet Byrne Dairy store and gas station at the corner of River and Port Watson Street at its meeting on Monday.

In December, the zoning board denied Byrne Dairy officials a chance at area variances to rezone a small property line from residential to general business zoning.

This prompted Byrne Dairy vice president Christian Brunelle to return this month for a rehearing of the proposed variances request. The zoning board decided to move the vote on the matter to its March 14 meeting, in order to provide more of a public notice for its decision.

Lawrence Knickerbocker, who’s representing Bill Brothers Dairy & Farm Market on Port Watson, spoke against Byrne Dairy’s request for area variances and the project as a whole.

Below is a full video of the rehearing on Byrne Dairy’s proposed area variance request.