Cortland man arrested for violating order of protection

City of Cortland Police. (Photo Source: Kevin L Smith/The Cortland Voice)

A Cortland man was arrested last Thursday after he allegedly pushed and shoved a female victim and violated an order of protection in the process, according to a city of Cortland police report.

The man arrested was Dennis Alex-Hart, 37 of Tompkins Street. According to the report, the incident where Alex-Hart allegedly shoved the victim and violated the order of protection against him took place on Oct. 16 last year.

Alex-Hart was not at the scene following the incident on Oct. 16, which prompted city police to obtain a warrant for his arrest, the report states. City police officially arrested Alex-Hart on Feb. 24, based on the warrant.

Alex-Hart was charged with an aggravated family offense (a felony) and first-degree criminal contempt for violating an order of protection (a felony). He was processed and sent to Cortland County Jail.