Common Council tables decision on proposed medicare plan

Former City of Cortland Police Chief Jim Nichols. (Photo Source: Timothy A. Bennett/The Cortland Voice).

The City of Cortland Common Council tabled a decision on a potential authorized agreement to transition Medicare-eligible retirees to a city-sponsored group medicare advantage plan at its meeting on Tuesday.

City mayor Scott Steve decided to pull the decision on the matter to give city employee retirees a chance to review and possibly consider the new plan.

A handful of city employee retirees, including former city police chief Jim Nichols, spoke in disapproval of the potential plan during the public comment portion of the meeting.

A breakdown of the resolution in regards to the proposed medicare plan can be seen here under agenda item number two.

Below is the audio of the public comment portion and brief discussion of the medicare plan at Tuesday’s meeting. (Start audio at 8:06).