County awards bid for courthouse roof repair

(Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith).

The Cortland County Buildings and Grounds Committee unanimously voted Tuesday to award a bid to Pulver Roofing Company, Inc. for $459,405.91 worth of roof repairs for the County Courthouse.

As part of the continued restorative work at the historic building, the county will start work on roof replacement, repairs, and restoration around mid or late May, according to County Buildings and Grounds director Chuck Miller.

The work includes restoration of the 144-square-foot upper roof, and removal and replacement of roof shingles. At previous meetings county officials decided to pay for a 50-year warranty on the roof shingles, which is priced at $9,142.40. Price for general roof repairs is set at $436,549.91, according to a county resolution.

Another added scope to the project, or “alternate,” is the concrete reinforcement of the roof, which was priced at $13,713.60, Miller said.

“(This alternate) is the ceiling of the mezzanine around the face of the columns just above the dome,” Miller said.

County legislator Eugene Walbauer (R-LD-13) asked Miller how long this alternate work would last.

“About 30 to 40 years,” Miller said.

Legislators will further discuss this resolution at the County Finance and Administration Committee meeting next Tuesday, and County Legislature meeting later this month (if approved).