Woman arrested for assaulting a minor

(Photo Source: Timothy A. Bennett of the Cortland Voice).

A city of Cortland woman was arrested last Wednesday after she allegedly struck a 7-year old female victim with a metal spatula last Monday, according to a Cortland Police Department report.

The strike from Caroline M. Reale, 43 of Miller Street, left “multiple bruises” on the victim, the report states.

This led to Child Protective Services getting involved, according to city detective lieutenant Dan Edwards Monday morning. This prompted, Edwards noted, the city police to request a warrant for Reale’s arrest.

Edwards declined to further comment in CPS’s involvement in the incident, but noted the victim was not taken to the hospital for treatment.

The approval of the warrant led to Reale’s arrest last Wednesday, the report states.

Edwards declined to comment on why Reale struck the female victim with a metal spatula.

“It’s part of the prosecution,” Edwards said. “Those details will come out in the courtroom.”

Reale has been charged with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She was released and is due to appear in city court on April 27.