Fire makes home ‘uninhabitable’

(Photo Source: Cincinnatus Fire Department).

A trailer home in the town of Freetown has been deemed “uninhabitable” after a fire at the property Tuesday morning, according to Cincinnatus Deputy Fire Chief Corey Brenchley.

At about 4:48 a.m. Tuesday, the Cincinnatus Fire Department responded to a structure fire on East Freetown Crossroads in Freetown. The Marathon, Willet, McGraw and Cortlandville Fire Departments provided assistance at the scene.

Brenchley noted the fire started in the garage attached to the trailer home, which started due to a downed power line caused by the early-morning snowstorm.

The fire “aggressively moved” to the trailer part of the property, but firefighters went inside the trailer and “made an aggressive attack to put the (fire) out,” Brenchley said.

“I have to give credit to all of the fire departments that were there,” he said. “Usually for a trailer fire, it doesn’t take long to go up in smoke.”

Fire aftermath. (Photo Source: Cincinnatus Fire Department).

Fire aftermath. (Photo Source: Cincinnatus Fire Department).

No one was in the house at the time of the fire, Brenchley said. Neighbors near the property notified the trailer homeowners of the incident.

Believed to be a summer home, the fire did not affect nearby properties. Firefighters remained on scene until 7:30 a.m., Brenchley said.

“No one can live there. It’s gone,” he said of the trailer home.

Brenchley mentioned that Tuesday morning’s snowstorm “hindered our response time.”

“Marathon couldn’t get through one road because so many trees were down,” he said, who noted Cincinnatus firefighters, including other departments, were on calls related to the snowstorm. “We were all spread way too thin on other calls.”

“That played a role in the initial part of the call,” Brenchley continued. “It was a slow response, due to trees and power lines down.”

Brenchley praised the firefighters on scene at the fire.

“The trailer was still standing after the fire was put out,” Brenchley said, despite the trailer home “a total loss.”