Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (April 25th)

Cortland Boys Lacrosse vs. Auburn (Photo Source: Stephen Yang/The Cortland Voice).

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Monday’s events:

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Auburn

The Cortland Purple Tigers fell to an 0-7 record after losing to Auburn with a score of 5-17. 

The Tigers were led by Joseph Banewicz (1 goal), Ryan Kline (2 goals), Benjamin McGrath (2 goals & 1 assist), Finn Thomas (1 assist), and Declan Vail  (9 saves). 

Note: Individual stats for Auburn were not available by the time this article was written. 

Up next, Cortland will take on Fulton on the road on Wednesday (April 27th) at 6:30pm. 

Here are some photos of yesterday’s game (photos provided by Stephen Yang/The Cortland Voice):

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Auburn

The Cortland Lady Tigers lost 6-22 against Auburn on the road Monday night. 

With this loss, Cortland now holds a 1-3 record. 

Cortland was led by Margaret Starr (2 goals), Lillian Call (1 assist), Gabrielle Cranfield (2 goals & 1 assist), Ryleigh Larkin (1 goal), Olivia Magin (1 goal), and Hayden Bulger (3 saves). 

Auburn was led by Natalie Long (5 goals & 1 assist), Adalyn Bouley (2 goals), Nora Solomon (4 goals & 1 assist), Alexandra Vitale (1 goal), Danielle Swietoniowski (3 goals & 3 assists), Mary Gasper (1 goal), Olivia Leader (1 goal & 3 assists), Caroline Smith (3 goals), Grace Breeze (1 goal & 1 assist), Ella Bouley (1 assist), Talia Axton (1 assist), Holly Indelicato  (6 saves), and Berkley Brown (1 save). 

Cortland’s next game will be played at home against Fulton on Wednesday (April 27th) at 5:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Homer vs. Chittenango

The Homer Trojans improved their overall record to 7-2 after defeating Chittenango 9-4 on the road. 

Homer was led by Joey Case (1 run, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Tristan Allen (2 runs & 3 hits), Mitchell Earle (1 run & 2 hits), Zander Johnson (2 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Braden Marsh (2 runs & 1 hit), Jon Barnes (1 hit), Ian Gilbert (1 run, 3 hits & 2 RBI’s), and Maddox Johnson (2 hits & 2 RBI’s). 

Chittenango was led by Drew Thomas (1 RBI), Tyrus Kelly (2 runs & 1 hit), Tanner King (1 hit & 1 RBI), Benjamin Welch (1 hit), Austin Khammar (2 hits & 2 RBI’s), Carlos Torres-Carman (2 runs & 2 hits), and Bryce Bishop (1 hit). 

Homer pitchers Zander Johnson and Maddox Johnson threw a combined total of 11 strikeouts from the mound. Zander Johnson threw 8 strikeouts and Maddox Johnson threw 3 strikeouts. 

Chittenango pitchers Carlos Torres-Carman (8 strikeouts), Tyrus Kelly (3 strikeouts), and David Bruno II (2 strikeouts) combined for a total of 13 strikeouts thrown. 

Up next, Homer will host Solvay on Thursday (April 28th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: McGraw vs. Madison

The McGraw Golden Eagles lost a close game to Madison with a score of 5-7 on the road Monday evening. 

McGraw was led by Nate Stiles (1 run & 1 hit), Blake Bergey (1 run & 2 hits), Jaydon Bassett (1 run & 1 RBI), Riley VanLiew (1 hit), Matt Heath (1 hit), Thomas Lea (1 run), and Nolan Knickerbocker (1 run & 1 hit). 

Madison was led by Zach Canning (2 runs, 2 hits & 1 RBI), Shawn Murray (1 run), Luke Brayman (1 hit & 1 RBI), Michael McBride (2 runs, 2 hits & 3 RBI’s), and Hunter Day (2 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI). 

McGraw pitcher Nate Stiles threw 6 strikeouts from the mound, while Madison pitchers Anthony Dodge (5 strikeouts) and Dylan Dougherty (3 strikeouts) threw a combined total of 8 strikeouts. 

Up next, McGraw is scheduled to play Stockbridge Valley at home on Wednesday (April 27th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Cincinnatus vs. DeRuyter

The Cincinnatus Lions fell to a 1-2 record after losing 22-1 against DeRuyter. 

Cincinnatus was led by Cason Stafford (1 run & 1 hit), Avram Moses (1 hit), and John Schuyler (1 hit). 

DeRuyter was led by Gavin Richardson (2 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Bergen Sperat (2 runs), Nick Whitt (1 run), Colton Roberts (3 runs & 1 hit), Mike Townsend (2 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Cameron Barnes (2 runs & 1 hit), Wesley Pforter (4 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Leland Seamans (1 run & 1 RBI), Justin Foster (1 run), Donald Chapman (1 run & 1 RBI), Ryder Forrest (3 runs, 3 hits & 2 RBI’s). 

Cincinnatus pitchers Cason Stafford (1 strikeout), Koda Temple (2 strikeouts), Canden Stafford (1 strikeout), and Avram Moses (1 strikeout) combined to throw a total of 5 strikeouts in the game. 

DeRuyter pitchers Donald Chapman (4 strikeouts) and Gavin Richardson (3 strikeouts) threw a combined total of 7 strikeouts.  

McGraw’s next game is scheduled to be played on the road against Brookfield today (April 26th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Marathon vs. Newark Valley

The Marathon Olympians lost 17-39 against Newark Valley on Monday. This loss brings Marathon down to an overall record of 1-7. 

Marathon was led by Tristin Byron (2 hits, 4 RBI’s & 4 runs) , Braydin Drake (2 hits & 1 run), Jacob Byron (3 hits & 4 runs), Ethan Morrison (2 hits & 3 RBI’s), Tim Morehouse (1 hit & 1 RBI), and Ian Gacek (1 hit & 3 runs).  

Newark Valley was led by Luke Rinleaguage (4 hits & 3 RBI’s), John Mencher (5 hits & 5 RBI’s), Ryan Rhodes (3 hits & 3 RBI’s), Wandell (4 hits, 1 Homer Run & 6 RBI’s), and Joey Sherwood (3 hits & 4 RBI’s). 

Marathon pitchers Zachary Birdsall (7 strikeouts), Jacob Byron (1 strikeout), and Austin Poth (2 strikeouts) threw a combined total of 10 strikeouts in the game. 

Newark Valley pitchers Ryan Rhodes (2 strikeouts), John Mencher (1 strikeout), and Will Craparo (1 strikeout) combined to throw 4 strikeouts from the mound. 

“We just didn’t play good defense tonight,” said Marathon head coach Bryan Hoyt. “That number of errors is inexcusable. With the way we hit the ball tonight and the way our pitchers threw strikes this should have been a much better game. We have to work on some defensive stuff tomorrow to get ready for Wednesday.” 

Up next, Marathon will host Whitney Point on Wednesday (April 27th) at 4:30pm.  

Varsity Softball: Homer vs. Syracuse

The Homer Lady Trojans defeated Syracuse 20-16 at home in order to improve to a 2-5 record. 

Homer was led by Cece Rappleyea (2 hits & 4 RBI’s), Morgan Brown (2 hits, 3 runs & 2 RBI’s), and Alex Kellaway (2 hits & 3 runs). 

According to Homer head coach Christine Colasurdo, Catherine Apker had a solo home-run at the start of the third inning. 

Syracuse was led by Bella Peteo (2 hits, 2 runs & 5 RBI’s) and Nicole Kurman (2 runs). 

Up next, Homer will play Jordan-Elbridge on the road today (April 26th) at 4:30pm.

Varsity Softball: McGraw vs. Madison

The McGraw Lady Eagles lost 7-18 against Madison, bringing their overall record down to 0-4. 

Note: Individual stats of the game were not available to us by the time this article was written. 

McGraw’s next game is scheduled to be played against Stockbridge Valley at home this Wednesday (April 27th) at 4:30pm. . 

Varsity Softball: Cincinnatus vs. DeRuyter

The Cincinnatus Lady Lions played DeRuyter in a double-header Monday afternoon. 

Cincinnatus lost the first game of the double-header with a score of 7-6, but won the second game with a score of 7-4. 

Note: Individual stats of both games were not available by the time this article was written.

Here are the inning by inning score breakdowns of both games: 

Game 1

Game 2

Up next, Cincinnatus will host Otselic Valley on Wednesday (April 27th) at 4:30pm. 

 Varsity Softball: Marathon vs. Union Springs

The Marathon Lady Olympians lost 2-17 against Union Springs Monday evening. 

“We did not play well on offense or defense, and the score reflected our effort,” said Marathon head coach Jamie Bush. “We dropped balls we usually catch that kept the innings going, ground ball errors that are usually routine plays for us, and base running mistakes in key moments of the game. Union Springs capitalized on them tonight. (Brie) Carter pitched good enough to keep the game close, but too many errors just kept innings going and her pitch count up. Paige Hurlburt pitched the 6th and final inning. Our offense only managed 4 hits as Union Springs’ pitcher Haylee Smith was in control of all her pitches tonight.”

With this loss, the Lady Olympians have fallen to a 4-3 record. 

Marathon’s next game will be at home against Southern Cayuga this Wednesday (April 27th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Boys Tennis: Cortland vs. East Syracuse Minoa ESM

The Cortland Purple Tigers took on East Syracuse Minoa on Monday. 

Note: Team and individual scores were not available by the time this article was written. 

Here are some photos of yesterday’s matches (photos provided by Stephen Yang/The Cortland Voice):