Cortland County Making Changes at the County Landfill

(Photo Source: Unplash).

Press release from by Cortland County Clerk of the Legislature Savannah Hempstead.

Cortland County Officials received numerous complaints regarding the odor emanating from the Cortland County Landfill over the last year. The Cortland County Highway Superintendent and Supervisor of Solid Waste have been researching and implementing solutions to abate this ongoing issue. Some of the proposed solutions include the installation of a methane capturing system, reducing the working face of the landfill and using additional cover.

At last night’s meeting of the Cortland County Legislature, the installation of a methane capturing system was approved. This system will not only quell the landfill odors, as methane is an odorous gas that is prevalent and a contributing factor to the smell of the landfill, but will also be beneficial to the environment. Methane is a greenhouse gas that erodes the ozone layer. Therefore capturing the methane gas and burning it off, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, is the earth-friendly option. Capturing and burning off the methane also gives the County the ability to generate revenue in the form of carbon credits, which will assist in offsetting the cost of the installation.

The working face at the landfill has also been reduced in an effort to reduce the smell at the landfill, as well as reduce violations from the Department of Environmental Conservation. Although this may be an adjustment to some commercial haulers, it is for the benefit of the County in its entirety.

Additional cover, as well as different types of cover, are also being utilized at the landfill. The purpose of the additional cover is also to reduce the odor. Although there are many factors contributing to the smell coming from the landfill, including, but not limited to, odorous gas, wind patterns and weather changes, the County hopes that the changes being put into place will make a noticeable difference in days to come.