Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (April 30th)

Photo from earlier in the season: Homer Baseball Team. (Photo Source: Stephen Yang of The Cortland Voice).

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Saturday’s events:

Varsity Baseball: Homer vs. Christian Brothers Academy (CBA)

The Homer Trojans fell to a 7-4 record after losing to Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) with a score of 0-13. 

“CBA is really good,” said Homer head coach Robert Nasiatka. “You will have a bad game during the season. We picked the wrong team to have a bad game against.”

The Trojans were led by Jon Barnes (2 hits), Jeffrey Stauber (1 hit), Mitchell Earle (1 hit), Ian Gilbert (2 strikeouts thrown), Tristan Allen (1 strikeouts thrown), and Joey Case (1 strikeouts thrown). 

CBA was led by Cooper Marko (2 runs, 3 hits & 2 RBI’s), Ethan Harris (2 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Luke Boule (2 runs, 1 hit, 2 RBI’s & 2 strikeouts thrown), Teck Nash (1 run), Jackson Marko (1 hit), Louis Percival (1 run), Zach Mulhern (1 run, 2 hits & 1 RBI), Matt Landau (1 run, 1 hit & 3 RBI’s), Will Harrigan (2 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Jack Landau (1 run, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Nate Smith (5 strikeouts thrown). 

Up next, Homer is scheduled to play Cazenovia on the road this Tuesday (May 3rd) at 5pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Cincinnatus vs. DeRuyter

The Cincinnatus Lions lost a tough game against DeRuyter with a score of 1-18 on the road on Saturday. With this loss, the Lions have fallen to a 1-4 overall record. 

Cincinnatus was led by Canden Stafford (1 run & 1 hit), Koda Temple (1 hit), Dakota Stairs (1 hit), Cason Stafford (1 hit), and Avram Moses (4 strikeouts thrown). 

DeRuyter was led by Gavin Richardson (1 run, 1 hit & 4 strikeouts thrown), Bergen Sperat (1 run), Jeramy Prince (1 run), Nick Whitt (1 run), Colton Roberts (3 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Cameron Barnes (2 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Wesley Pforter (2 runs, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Leland Seamans (1 run), Donald Chapman (3 runs, 2 hits, 2 RBI’s & 4 strikeouts thrown), Ryder Forrest (2 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI). 

Cincinnatus’ next game will be played at home against Brookfield on Tuesday (May 3rd) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Horseheads

The Cortland Lady Tigers lost 5-14 against Horseheads on Saturday. This loss brings Cortland down to a 1-6 record. 

Cortland was led by Gabrielle Cranfield (3 goals), Lillian Call (2 goals), and Hayden Bulger (4 saves). 

Note: Individual stats for Horseheads were not available by the time this article was written. 

Up next, Cortland will take on Oswego at home on Tuesday (May 3rd) at 7pm.