Homer Board of Trustees Recap: McCabe provides update on leaf/brush pickup

(Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

Village of Homer mayor Hal McCabe provided an update on the leaf and brush pickup in the village at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting.

McCabe noted that starting next year, the village’s Department of Public Works will conduct leaf and brush pickup in May and October, with pickup for each month taking place in a 30-day window.

DPW superintendent Phil Stockton said that the months of May and October are the best months to conduct the leaf and brush pickup for village residents.

According to McCabe, the village has gone through two different systems in the past six years. The first one entailed the village DPW picking leaves/brush for two weeks in the spring and two in the fall.

The village then switched over to a rolling system of “picking (leaf/brush) up whenever,” McCabe said. However, with the village DPW down a few staff members and the department engaged in a slew of projects, McCabe said the current pickup system doesn’t work “without hiring more people.”

“We’re trying to keep everyone’s taxes flat during this time of inflation,” he said in regard to the hiring halt for DPW.

Stockton noted due to a short notice in leaf and brush pickup this year, the village DPW will conduct another pickup for the week of May 23-27.

“If (residents) do have a little bit out, we’ll get it,” he said.

Village Deputy Mayor Provides Update on Bus Shelter

Village of Homer deputy mayor Pat Clune said at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees Meeting that supplies for the impending bus shelter on South Main Street will arrive in June.

Handi-Hut, the company providing the supplies for the bus shelter to the village, experienced supply chain issues. Clune noted there is no target date for the official opening of the bus shelter, but once the supplies arrive, it will be built right away.

“When we get (the supplies), it will not linger in the DPW once it arrives in the village,” he said, noting the village DPW plans to build it.

According to Clune, the village will soon receive a pad port and specs of the bus shelter from Cortland County to commence the early stages of construction, as the village waits for further supplies.

The county is covering up $10,000 in costs for the bus shelter, thanks to a Federal Transit Administration grant. The village, said Clune, authorized about $5,000 for “upgrades and ensuring it aesthetically fit in with the village.”