Cincinnatus BOE conducts a presentation, discusses impending guidelines

(Photo Source: Chelsea Horak of The Cortland Voice).

The Cincinnatus Central School Board of Education (BOE) held a meeting last Thursday. 

The BOE heard a presentation on special education and discussed the adoption of future guidelines and programs.

Success in Special Education

A presentation was held to discuss the school’s Special Education program, including how classes are changing to accommodate the needs of students as they transition through grade levels. Also of note was the co-teaching model, which was implemented this past year in one classroom and will be expanded next year after its success with current students. Subjects for reading and math were noted as showing improvement.

The co-teaching style implemented at Cincinnatus allowed teachers to work side-by-side in one room, without separating students, and fostered a much greater sense of belonging among students who require additional instruction. Students were presented as having two teachers in the classroom, rather than a “regular” and “special education” teacher. The model also allowed for the continuation of lessons without interruptions to routines in the event of teacher absence. 

Planning Ahead

The BOE is looking to adopt guidelines to review challenged library material. Parents and community members nationwide have challenged materials provided in school libraries for reasons such as sensitive or graphic topics and age-appropriateness. The BOE would like to prepare for this situation by formally adopting guidelines to review any challenges brought forth in the future. Guidelines are currently under review and a final draft will be adopted at a future meeting.

The board also approved the adoption of guidelines for drug and alcohol testing of bus drivers and transportation personnel. They are also working on approvals for an upcoming drivers education program.

End of the Year

There will be no school on Monday, June 20 in observation of the Junteenth holiday. Pre-k through 8th grade will have a full day of classes on June 21, with the school year ending with two half days June 22-23.