Cortlandville Discusses Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

(Photo Source: Unsplash).

Cortlandville town board members are considering bringing in a new fleet of electric vehicle charging stations to the town, officials said Wednesday.

Town board member David Donlick said at Wednesday’s meeting that the town was approached by Greenspot Charging, a Jersey City-based company, regarding the possibility of bringing in level two and level three chargers to Cortlandville. Level two chargers, Donlick said, can fully charge up an electric vehicle in approximately two hours, while a level three one can do so in the span of about an hour.

“(Greenspot) installs these chargers at three per location,” Donlick said. “We actually share the profits, which is not a lot, but they do pay for the installation and maintenance. They control the app for people to plug in their chargers.” 

Donlick said the chargers could be installed at town attractions such as Ted Testa Park, Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex, and the town hall. He added he reached out to four other companies to see what their programs would be for municipalities.

“Based on what I saw, two companies are pretty strong; (Greenspot Charging) and the other one is Blink Charging,” Donlick said. “(Blink Charging) have almost the same program (as Greenspot Charging). I think it is probably worth our time to have their representatives here and show what they are going to do.”

In Cortlandville, there are a few hotels and businesses with Tesla charging stations, Donlick said.

“Whether we like it or not, the state and federal level have decided electric vehicles will be the future of infrastructure by 2035,” he said. “We’ll see how that goes.”

Town supervisor Tom Williams spoke on the move to bring in new charging stations to the town.

“It makes sense for a public service,” he said. “You go where these are and you don’t see a lot of cars plugged in, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find any use as these things become more common. Even if it is a break-even proposition for the town, this is a goodwill gesture to those who drive electric vehicles. I think it is worthwhile to pursue.”

The town plans to invite representatives of the charging companies to upcoming board meetings to hear more about their offerings.