Annual Dairy Parade takes place in Cortland (videos & photos included)

The 2022-23 Cortland County Co-Associate Dairy Ambassadors. From left are Hailey McCall (of McGraw), Elsie Donlick (of Cortlandville) and Mandi Waltz (of Cincinnatus). Also pictured is Annika Donlick (far right), the 2021-22 Dairy Princess. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

The annual Cortland County Dairy Parade was held in the City of Cortland Tuesday evening, as the event celebrated National Dairy Month in the process.

The parade started at North Main Street and ended at the county fairgrounds.

The parade float winners are as follows:

  • Best Overall – Truxton Academy Charter School
  • Best Youth – Cincinnatus Country Kids
  • Best Non-Profit – Salvation Army
  • Best Business – Coffee Mania

Hailey McCall (McGraw), Elsie Donlick (Cortlandville) and Mandi Waltz (Cincinnatus) were named the 2022-23 Co-Associate Dairy Ambassadors. The trio will replace Annika Donlick (Cortlandville), the 2021-22 Dairy Princess.

As part of Cortland County Dairy Promotion, the Dairy Ambassadors, along with a group of junior Dairy Ambassadors, will assist in promoting dairy and dairy farmers throughout Cortland County.

Below are two videos from Tuesday evening’s event.

The first video is the Cortland County Dairy Parade.

The second video is the Dairy Ambassador Ceremony held at the Cortland County Fairgrounds.

Here are some photos of the event (photos provided by Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice):