Little York Lake weed harvesting funds request moves forward

(Photo via the Little York Lake NY Neighborhood Facebook page).

The Little York Lake Preservation Society (LYLPS) weed harvesting project may have found its funding.

Cortland County legislators last week unanimously supported a motion to move forward with a $2,500 funding request from the LYLPS to remove harmful invasive species from the lake. Legislators labeled the funding of the project as a “one-time” ask. 

The LYLPS plan focuses on clearing the lake of invasive species, primarily the pervasive variable leaf milfoil (vlm), pondweed, and starry stonewort.

Treatments, which include using a mechanical harvester, would start in the summer. VLM treatment will cost $7,700, while pondweed and starry stonewort treatments will cost $8,000, respectively. The LYLPS has raised $16,250 from nearby resident donations. The group has also secured $5,500 in funding from the Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District.

At last week’s meeting, county administrator Rob Corpora spoke on how the project would be funded. Corpora said the project would be able to be funded through multiple accounts, including the general fund. When asked about how the county contributes to the lake, Corpora said there is a substantial sum of money that goes into a dam at the lake.

“We are paying principal and interest of about $95,000 for the dam a year in bond payments,” he said. “So we are contributing quite a bit to Little York Lake, even though it is only on one end.”

Awarding funding to the project will now go to the County’s Finance and Administration committee meeting on Tuesday, and later to the County Legislature session on June 23 for final approval.