Local government, law enforcement officials speak on behalf of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (Video Included)

Liz Haskins, Director of Cortland County Area Agency on Aging. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

Representatives from the Cortland County Area Agency on Aging and the Cortland County Adult Protective Services, along with local law enforcement, gathered in front of the county office building on Central Avenue Tuesday to speak in solidarity against elder abuse.

The speakers echoed their support for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which falls on June 15 every year.

“It’s a global event to raise awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic circumstances affecting elder abuse and neglect,” said Liz Haskins, the director of the County’s Agency on Aging.

Haskins noted that elder abuse is in fact a “global problem,” and one that “exists right here in Cortland County.”

“We’re all here to support victims of elder abuse, bring perpetrators to justice, achieve restitution and create mechanisms to improve care for elder abuse victims,” she added.

Haskins, along with representatives from the County’s Agency on Aging and Adult Protective Services, county legislator Sandy Price (D-LD-14), City of Cortland deputy police chief David Guerrera, Homer police chief Bob Pitman and Lt. Garry Williams of the County Sheriff’s Office, all spoke at the event.

Below is a video of the speakers giving their thoughts on Tuesday’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at the county office building on Central Avenue.