County Sheriff’s Office: Man faces multiple sex crime charges

(Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith of The Cortland Voice).

A Town of Willet man is facing multiple sex crime charges following alleged “inappropriate sexual contact” with a victim “for several years,” according to a Cortland County Sheriff’s Office report.

The report states that the sheriff’s office investigated sex abuse allegations that took place between 2019 and this year. The investigation led to Eric B. Worsell, 52, the Town of Willet man who subjected a victim to “inappropriate sexual contact on several occasions over several years,” the report notes.

Worsell was arrested and arraigned earlier this week. At this time of this arrest, he was charged with forcible touching (a Class-A Misdemeanor), second-degree rape (a Class-D Felony) and second-degree criminal sex act (a Class-D Felony).

Worsell was remanded to the Cortland County Jail at $4,000 cash bail/$8,000 bond. The report notes that at the time of the arraignment, the incident was still under investigation “with additional charges pending.”

According to the report, Worsell responded to the county sheriff’s office on July 1, where he was arrested and arraigned once again. In his second arrest, Worsell was charged with endangering the welfare of a child (a Class-A Misdemeanor), third-degree criminal sex act (a Class-E Felony) and third-degree rape (a Class-E Felony).

All of the charges against Worsell stem from the same victim. He was released on one’s own recognizance, the report notes.

It is unclear what occurred between Worsell’s first and second arrest, including if he made bail or not from his first arrest. The county sheriff’s office did not provide further information revolving around Worsell’s arrests or the investigation.

Worsell is scheduled to appear in the Town of Willet court at 6 p.m. July 7.