Cortlandville approves local vacant building law

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The local ordinance that will, as Cortlandville town officials put it, inform the public of building vacancies was approved unanimously at Wednesday’s town board meeting.

The new local law will mark vacant buildings and identify those that may have hazardous conditions for first responders.

For a breakdown of the local law, check out The Cortland Voice’s previous article on the new ordinance here.

Town supervisor Tom Williams commended officials from the Cortlandville Fire Department and Cortlandville Building Code Department for their input on the issue.

“We all came to a consensus on the law,” he said.

Cortlandville town attorney John DelVecchio spoke on the importance of the local ordinance.

“A lot of thought went into this,” DelVecchio said. “The town didn’t have a mechanism to give a tool to first responders to have a notice on vacant buildings and hazardous conditions. It also allows for the public in general to have a notice of some of these buildings that have been vacant or have issues.”

DelVecchio called the piece of legislation a “public safety law.” 

“It is a nice law to have,” he added.