YWCA Cortland Striving to Sell 250 Dream Big Cash Raffle Tickets

(Photo Source: YWCA Cortland).

Press release from YWCA Cortland.

YWCA Cortland, a local nonprofit with the mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, is nearing the end of its 2022 Dream Big Cash Raffle Ticket Fundraiser.

With only 250 tickets being sold, people have a chance to win cash prizes up to $5,000, $1,000, and $500. YWCA will draw winning tickets on Friday, August 5, before the start of the 20th annual Pig-n-Par Golf Tournament and notify winners by phone or email. All proceeds will benefit YWCA Cortland’s four core program areas: Aid to Victims of Violence, Child Care, Health & Fitness, and Mentoring, and support the local community.

In its fourth year, the organization’s development committee created the Dream Big Cash Raffle Ticket Fundraiser in 2018 to augment other fundraising efforts throughout the year; the YWCA canceled the raffle in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic but sold all 250 tickets in 2021.

“The idea of holding a large cash raffle was so that we could have a simple way to bring in money for our programs while making it fun for our volunteers to sell tickets to friends, family, and coworkers,” said Kimberly Stevens, member of the YWCA Cortland Board and the Development and Communications Committee. “It also requires less effort than planning an event and gives community members another way to support a great local nonprofit organization.” Kim Stevens is the Practice Administrator at Cortland Eye Center, a Persimmon Partner, and a long-time supporter of YWCA Cortland.

Dream Big Cash Raffle tickets cost $100 each, and people must be at least 18 years old to purchase a ticket. If YWCA Cortland does not sell all 250 tickets, it will award a percentage of the prize money based on the total number of tickets sold. As of the morning of Wednesday, July 13, a total of 121 tickets had been sold. People can purchase tickets at the YWCA Cortland front desk during regular operating hours. Additionally, they can purchase tickets at Stupid Choppers or through Nicole Davi at Yaman Real Estate.

For more information or questions about the raffle fundraiser, people can contact Robyn Hayes, Director of Development, at 607-753-9651 or [email protected].