City Police: Counterfeit $100 bills ‘passed in and around’ Cortland

(Photo via Unsplash).

Counterfeit $100 bills have recently been passing in and around the Cortland area, according to a city police Facebook post.

City police have received “several complaints” in regard to the counterfeit $100 bills, the post states. The $100 bills “are hard to detect” and the bills are dated between 1996 and 2006, however, city police noted several of the counterfeit bills have the same serial numbers.

“No two bills should have the same serial number, and this is an easy check if you are cashing more than one bill to make sure they are real or not,” the post states.

City police mentioned in the post that if cashiers are checking counterfeit bills with a verification pen, the pens are not “working properly” on the bills.

Those receiving $100 bills and believe there is a problem are urged to contact city police. Buying large amounts of prepaid cards or cash app cards, the post notes, is also a cause for concern.

Those with any questions, concerns or information are asked to contact city detective lieutenant Dan Edwards at 607-758-8307, or detective sergeant Sean Byrnes at 607-758-8309.

The post noted that any description of the suspects, their vehicle, its license plate number and car information, or recordings from video footage showing a potential suspect is helpful.