Cortlandville water project could alleviate pressure issues

(Photo Source: Unsplash).

The Cortlandville town board unanimously approved paying $24,865 in engineering consulting to CHA Consulting for a water project on the south end of the town to further expand water access on Route 13 to Webb Road.

The project would create a water infrastructure loop and possibly resolve pressure fluctuation issues in the area. Town Supervisor Tom Williams said the project would also help businesses in the area, including hotels.

“There is a water pressure issue at (Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex) which is not a huge thing,” Williams said of a park near the project’s scope. “But by putting water infrastructure in the south and east side of Route 13 and then bringing it back across Webb Road and looping it back, we have been told it will increase the pressure dramatically and take care of pressure at (Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex).”

The project, Williams said, would be instrumental in economic development and expansion all along Route 13. 

“You don’t go to a hotel unless you can take a shower,” he said. “It would be to our advantage to provide water and sewer to businesses along Route 13. We have a fair amount of surplus in (our water and sewer lines).”

Following the consulting with CHA, an Albany headquartered engineering firm, Williams said the town will have an estimate on how expensive the project will be.

“It is a lot of money, but it is a lot of engineering,” Williams said. “If we are in this for a penny, then we need to be in this for a pound.”