ALPLA, Inc. and Voyant Beauty, LLC to close operations in Cortland (Official documents included)

Multiple anonymous sources tipped The Cortland Voice that ALPLA, Inc. and Voyant Beauty, LLC., companies who share a manufacturing facility on the east side of Central Avenue, are both closing their operations soon in the City of Cortland.

According to sources, ALPLA and Voyant Beauty will officially close at the end of this year in the city. The sources continued by saying that Voyant Beauty will also be closing its other location in the city on Huntington Street.

Sources for ALPLA told The Cortland Voice that the company’s corporate officials appeared at Cortland’s facility Tuesday morning and announced the closure. Sources also noted one of the reasons that the ALPLA facility is shutting down due to Voyant Beauty also pulling out of its operations in Cortland.

Representatives from ALPLA, Inc. and Voyant Beauty, LLC could not be reached for comment.